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Using PTO/vacation days from work to study

axjxmarvelaxjxmarvel Alum Member
in General 158 karma

I'm sitting the September LSAT (it's my second time), and I'm weighing how much time off to take from work. I have 12 days of PTO left for the year, so I was thinking of taking the full two weeks at the end of August to hammer out a bunch of PTs/BR/drills, etc. I'd love to hear from anyone who has used a significant chunk of your vacation time/PTO to study and whether you felt it was worthwhile.


  • jasmine.lsatterjasmine.lsatter Alum Member
    72 karma

    I have done that and I can honestly say I did not make the most out of it. Maybe it was because I did have a generous chunk of time and kept thinking I have x amount of days to cram and at the time it seemed like a lot, but I definitely procrastinated. I think it’s a good opportunity if you can take the time off and you actually study hard (unlike me). Otherwise, consider taking less time, studying really hard and leaving some PTO cushion for the unexpected.

  • Michael VMichael V Member
    29 karma

    Depending on your schedule at work, it's totally doable to pull off studying and working full-time. I just sat for the July exam and will be taking September. I was putting in a solid 20-25 hours a week for about 14 weeks prior to the July test and felt good about the test. I didn't use any PTO to study but rather used a couple well-timed work-from-home days when I was really crunching on certain material.

    All in all, IMO, not necessary if you pace yourself and work hard well in advance.

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