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Big Score Jumps/Plateau

ssriram2ssriram2 Alum Member
in General 9 karma

I've taken 16 PTS so far with an average score of 164. I started out with a diagnostic of 159, and have managed to pretty consistently score in the mid-160 range. However, one practice test I took (PT48) I scored a 172 and that has been my highest score to date. On logical reasoning, on average I'm missing 4 questions, on logic games 6 questions, and on reading comprehension 5 questions. I'm unclear as to my best plan of action for the next couple weeks leading up to the September LSAT. Should I focus on logic games, getting that to a minus 0 before focusing on the other sections? Or should I continue to PT once/twice a week while drilling (mainly logic games) in between?


  • BranTwiceBranTwice Alum Member
    204 karma

    Speaking from personal experience, I would get LG down to -0. If you do that, you will start averaging about 167. After you get that taken care of, you can working on shaving points off the other two sections. If you want to be in the 170s, LG has to be free.

  • Carol Y.Carol Y. Member
    33 karma

    Agreed! I think JY did say that you can see the fastest improvements in LGs, print out 10 copies of all the ones you get wrong and just drill them til you perfect them! Good luck!

  • Regis_Phalange63Regis_Phalange63 Alum Member
    1058 karma

    Just FYI, take your score on PT 48 with a grain of salt. That PT has most definitely one of the easiest LG sections in the history of post 1991 LSAT. Most people, including myself, start seeing score decrease starting PT 60s. PT 40-49 is great for practice. However, those PTs will NOT showcase what you're going to be seeing on test day. LR evolves later on.

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