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    No. Especially for learning and practicing, it's good to be able to write on the paper itself. Also, paper can be more portable sometimes than cell phones. No one bats an eye if you're working on paper at work, for example, during down times, but "playing on your cellphone" might be discouraged. Even if it's the same thing.

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    I myself was coming to the same conclusion. My workaround is this: I'll continue to do it the older way, on actual printed questions, until I feel much stronger on the material and the CC. Then, once I have done a better job of internalizing everything - then I will do just as you said. Blank sheet of paper along with the tablet

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    I think it's more beneficial to keep everything digital since it builds your comfort with the digital version. The only paper I use is scratch paper for games.

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    I actually find the digital version much easier to do. At least on the couple I've tried on LSAC and the one here. Having said that I bought all the 10 Actual Books and so I'm going to probably have to use paper to practice most of them especially for blind review, since I don't like how you have to go through the problems on here digitally. Just a physical preference I guess.

    Another thing is that for most students, pencil on paper fosters a better memory instinctively so it's more challenging but that enables a stronger preparation for test day. In fact I would practice on both for the same reason that I don't study in the same location day in and day out. Forcing yourself to learn the same material/skills in different environments/variables might facilitate a better handling on the test.

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    I think there's still value in using paper, as long as you're getting enough practice on the digital format too.

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    Totally for digital. I use my iPad pro with the goodnotes app to import pdf's and for markup. No lugging around books or extra materials. Furthermore, with the practice sections and problem sets in digital format here all I need is an internet connection.

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