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Are the problem sets (being digital) good practice for the digital LSAT?

DanielB84DanielB84 Alum Member
edited August 2019 in General 95 karma

How close does the problem set question structure and interface mimic the actual Digital LSAT? I am curious as I was thinking of ditching all my practice test books in order to test via problem sets. I figured I can just highlight each of the sections individually of the tests I would like to study. Any thoughts on this? Sorry in advance if this has already been answered or suggested.


  • Michael VMichael V Member
    29 karma

    It's not perfect, but it's pretty close in my opinion. I took the digital in July and I'm going to be using the problem set interface to practice going into the Sep test, if that's helpful.

  • DanielB84DanielB84 Alum Member
    95 karma

    Thanks Michael for your response. I sent you a private message :)

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