Looking for high-achieving study buddies (Montreal/Canada)

Lolo1996Lolo1996 Member
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Hey friends

I need someone to BR with! Or, we can form a group :)

It can be in the evenings on skype/imessage, or in person (if you are from mtl)

I am writing this september, and likely again in october or november

I need a 165~ to get into U of T

I last scored 152ish when I wrote, and am focusing on mastering my LR theory before I got back to doing PTs. So far, i am doing lots better!

- I have a vocab page/note page set up because I love words (I am 100% nerd) :)
- I am v motivated and will keep us on track lol
- We can look over one another's PS
- I LOVEE LG but hate RC (Is this a pro? It is now)
- I am sometimes funny


  • alumivacuialumivacui Alum Member
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    I'm from Ontario! Send me a message. My goal is in and around yours!

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    In Toronto - goal is 170+ .... lets make a group... DM me!

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    Similar goals, I'd love to join the group! DM me!

  • Doctor SwoleDoctor Swole Member
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    PTing around 168 -- PM me if you want to connect

  • pb3ncva15pb3ncva15 Alum Member
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    Same here! Stuck at just over 168, and looking to push into 170+. DM me if you'd like to connect! I'm in EST

  • Lolo1996Lolo1996 Member
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    Thanks, I messaged each of you! :) I’ll form a group

  • GenesisGenesis Member
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    Hey, I'm from Alberta, can I join the group? I will be taking the exam in September as well and I'm aiming for a 165 to get into UofA and UofC.

  • tina_gktina_gk Alum Member
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    Edmonton here.. Would love to join.. goal is 165 plus for U of A

  • marco.delgmarco.delg Alum Member
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    Good morning @Lolo1996 , I am aiming at a 165 as well and would love to join the group, are there any spots left?

  • Sally SallySally Sally Member
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    @Lolo1996 i'm interested too! could you message me?

  • I'm from Manitoba, and I'll be applying to various schools in Ontario too. Send me a message too.

  • Wale____Wale____ Alum Member
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    I'm interested! Similar goals and actual LSAT score.

  • Same here!

  • lsatafableelsatafablee Member
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    Also in Ontario! Would love to be added to the group as well :)

  • Mia71377Mia71377 Alum Member
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    I'm also interested!

  • Lolo1996Lolo1996 Member
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    If there is anyone I didn’t message, or if anyone else wants to join, please message me and I’ll add you to the GC! :)

  • CoffeeEnthusiastCoffeeEnthusiast Alum Member
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    Hello! I'm currently working part-time in Ottawa but go back to Montreal every two weeks to see my parents. I'm not really looking for a study group though as I feel like I work better one-on-one but would appreciate a study buddy if you're interested. Same goes for anyone else in Ottawa!

  • Michael.CincoMichael.Cinco Member Sage
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    Hello fellow Canadians. My group is doing weekly BR sessions on Saturday at 12pm EASTERN time. We meet online and via videochat and dissect a PT every week. we are doing PT 74 this Saturday

    So why join my group chat:

    I've written the lsat 4 times over the past 3 years. I started with a 157 and my most recent score was a 170. I actually going into allard for this fall semester but ended up deferring. I started this group chat because the lsat was a lonely process and I wanted people who I could talk to about the pains and struggles of doing these stupid logic puzzles that wasn't my cat. In the process of doing this I found out that I quite enjoyed helping others get better at the LSAT. I don't charge anything, after the March lsat i couldn't really stop studying for the lsat (call me a masochist) and the group chat continued and we keep adding members on a regularly basis. I and others who are currently studying are always around in the group chat to answer lsat related questions in addition to the weekly scheduled pt reviews.

    Link to the group chat is below. Please come join us :)


  • Lily2020Lily2020 Member
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    Hi, please count me in as well. Aiming for a similar score. PTing similarly.

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