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Applications Now Open

Hey guys! With applications opening today, I can say I am still lost with the process of using LSAC and CAS to apply to the schools I want. Now that applications are open there is a button that says "apply." Should I have all of my letters of recommendation and transcripts on LSAC before hitting apply or is this just where you can edit your application and save it as you go?


  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    You can leave your application at any time, it won’t submit until you actually pay. You can work in pieces.

  • Mario RoboMario Robo Alum Member
    266 karma

    The Cardozo application isn't available for me. Anyone else having the same problem?

    It is telling me that Fall2020 and Summer2020 applications are coming soon and that the deadline is 2021.

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