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Question about law school recs!

Jahn.SnowJahn.Snow Alum Member
in General 316 karma

Hi everyone! I am currently in Colombia working and studying for the LSAT. I just graduated from college and I'm here with a Fulbright grant which is keeping me quite busy. I was hoping to study hard enough with 7sage to get the score I want by November so I can apply this cycle, but I have decided to wait and study and then apply early next year since i don't think I can get the score I want by then.

I already reached out to my professors to write my letters of rec and they have agreed. I was wondering- can i still create an LSAC account now and have them upload their recs? Will they be saved during this year if I officially apply next year? Or do I have to ask them to send it next year when I am applying officially?

Thank you guys :)


  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    They are saved for several years, so asking them now is a good idea! It will be nice to have those out of the way when you're ready to apply. You might want to give them a heads up (if you haven't already) that you are applying next year and not this year, just so that they know for updates and stuff like that

  • Jahn.SnowJahn.Snow Alum Member
    316 karma

    thanks so much!!

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