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Digital LSAT

Hey, I’m taking the test on Saturday and I’ve been doing the digital practice tests. I was looking over the tutorials that LSAC has provided for the digital test but when I go to the library on their website and try to do a practice test, it’s not the same as the tutorials. For example there are no highlighting features and for RC the questions appear at the bottom vs. on the right side of the passage.

Does anyone know which I can expect to see on Saturday?


  • kaikdamekaikdame Core Member
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    I would try again, I just checked the LSAC available digital PTs and the highlight function along with the RC passage w/questions to the right worked for me. Might be a tech issue or the device you're using.

    I had digital in July and it was exactly like the tutorials, so yes you will be able to highlight, underline, change the text size, etc. The passage was also next to the questions - you'll be able to see it as you go through the questions. 7Sage Digital PTs have the same tools, so you could practice on here too if you can't get the LSAC tester to work.

  • Michael VMichael V Member
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