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Can you withdraw/undo an ED application after October LSAT released?

youbbyunyoubbyun Alum Member
edited September 2019 in General 1755 karma

So most Early Decision deadlines are November 15. And the latest LSAT score you can use for ED is the October 28 test. Now I think many ppl apply to ED because they’re slightly below both medians or some kind of splitter and want an extra boost. I don’t think the result release date for the October 28 LSAT has been made public, but assuming its about 3 weeks after the test date, we’d expect a release date of about November 18, which is after the ED deadline.

So what if someone applied ED by the November 15 deadline, and got their October LSAT score of a 175 back on November 18, and then realized that with that amazing score, there’s absolutely no need to ED anywhere, and that he should just instead apply broadly via regular decisions.

Is there a way to contact the school he originally ED’d to say I no longer want to ED there? Or to change that ED to a RD?

@"David.Busis" Do you have any insight on this? Thank you!


  • CharlieHuCharlieHu Alum Member
    129 karma

    Depends on the school. I think most schools I checked will allow you to switch between ED and RD if you call them before a decision is made.

  • a. valdeza. valdez Alum Member
    112 karma

    Alternatively, does anyone know if you are rejected from ED but sent to the regular admissions pile, if you can submit a November LSAT score? I want to apply ED and I'm taking the LSAT in October, but just in case it's not enough I am sent to the regular pile, would I be able to contact the school to let them know I have another score?

  • youbbyunyoubbyun Alum Member
    1755 karma

    Bump? Any insight on this?

  • youbbyunyoubbyun Alum Member
    1755 karma

    @"David.Busis" just wondering if you had any thoughts about this? Thank you!

  • David.BusisDavid.Busis Member Moderator
    6990 karma

    Sorry I missed this! If you call a school and tell them that you want to switch your application from ED to RD, the school will probably let you do it, but it won't look great.

  • youbbyunyoubbyun Alum Member
    1755 karma

    @"David.Busis" thank you!

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