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Hello fellow Sagers! I'm looking for some extremely honest advice as I have just hit (and actually surpassed) my goal score for the very first time and am wondering if I should keep my scheduled test date for October 2019?

Few things to consider: I surpassed my score even with missing 5 points on LG. I am really hoping that by the end of this month, I will be missing no points in this section and thus, will be scoring even higher. I would definitely love recommendations for how to ensure I perfect LG's in this short amount of time.

Secondly, this was on PT 60. I've read many times that older PT's are easier/different from newer ones so I am wondering if this score is even representative of my actual improvement. I took pretty much all of the most recent ones in preparation for my last LSAT sitting in June so I am not sure if I should begin redoing those most recent ones now or if I should keep taking the older ones that I've never seen before. I am on the 7Sage starter so most of my practice tests are in the 40's range and I have seen pretty much everything 65 & above from my previous LSAT prep with Kaplan (prior to June).

Any advice would be extremeeely appreciated!! Thanks in advance & Happy studying all.


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    You will probably hit your average on test day and not your personal record. I hit 174 in April, but it took another several months of prep to consistently score 170+. I took the dreaded September exam, so the jury is still out on my score. That said, if you feel confident in your bandwidth to practice and improve your consistency in the next few weeks then go for it!

    The only advice on LG is to foolproof and foolproof well. It sucks that there is no easier way to do it, but it just takes beating your head against the games until they stick. I feel your pain on LG!

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    It's definitely possible, although like the above poster said it's more likely to score around your average.

  • ynattirb95ynattirb95 Alum Member
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    Thank you both for the feedback. I'm usually a pessimist and have been one when it comes to this test but I'm going to try to remain optimistic this time around and focus on getting my average higher. If I can do that, I should be golden!

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