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how good exactly does presidential campaign work look to law school admissions? Is it worth postponing law school? Does it look good enough to offset a bad LSAT score?


  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Alum Member 🍌🍌
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    I’ve read and have experienced that law school admissions is almost always (but obviously not always: there are exceptions) a numbers driven process. Meaning that the single most effective thing that we as applicants can do is work on GPA and LSAT. Obviously there are exceptions to this also: some schools take the GRE, some international applicants don’t have a gpa number but rather a different scale etc but for the most part, numbers will be the differentiating factor between admissions and not.

    With that being said some people do indeed out-perform their numbers. @"David.Busis" can speak with greater authority here. As to the core question of "how good exactly" does campaign work look, I don't think anyone has a really solid answer as in: it makes your LSAT look 5 points higher ect. With that being said, I'm not aware of campaign work or other softs making up for a significant gap in one's numbers in a statically significant way, there was a post a few months ago (from memory) of someone getting into Yale with a 156, this year there appears to be a 155 Yale admit, but this is essentially a statistical anomaly. In summation, depending on how far you are away from the school's medians, I believe the common wisdom is that even major political campaign work will not significantly increase the chances of admission.

  • SF City DuSF City Du Alum Member
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    Completely depends upon what your job was with the campaign was, and who the candidate is.

    Should go without saying, but a traveling press secretary for Elizabeth Warren will look a lot better than a social media intern for Tom Steyer.

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