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Can your diversity statement be about work experience

Can your diversity statement be about work experience? I am a visible minority, but i would rather write about the unique perspective that my job (management consulting) has given me.


  • _aisling__aisling_ Alum Member
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    Each school's prompt is a little different, so I'd check the prompts for the schools you're applying to. Some are more broadly directed at "life experiences" while others focus on "economic, social, or educational disadvantages."

  • SF City DuSF City Du Alum Member
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    Law school diversity statements (depending upon specific language of prompt) should be thought of as an opportunity to dive deeper into what makes you "different". While for some, it may be the color of their skin or their sexuality, others may find that what makes them different is a unique job experience that they are confident most haven't experienced.

    So yes. If you believe that your work experience will significantly differentiate you from other candidates, then you can definitely write about that.

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