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NYU Chances?

Mario RoboMario Robo Alum Member

My stats are 165 LSAT and 3.94 LSAC GPA

I don't want to retake right now because I am leaning towards going to a school that would give me a scholarship; however, I was thinking to apply to NYU for more options.


  • cooljon525-1-1cooljon525-1-1 Alum Member
    edited October 2019 917 karma

    I would use 7sage predictor and you can google law school numbers and see a graph on NYU

  • SuperMario929SuperMario929 Alum Member
    464 karma

    I got in in 2015 as a late-cycle applicant with a 166 and a similar GPA. Think you have a solid shot! Feel free to message me if I can help though!

  • Seeking PerfectionSeeking Perfection Alum Member
    4423 karma

    You can fill in more things if you want to get a slightly better prediction. I just used the default settings and your GPA and LSAT score.

    How much did you study for the LSAT? Did you get a perfect score on the logic games section?

    Because of your excellent GPA, if you could get a few more points on the LSAT there are a lot of schools where it would make a huge difference to your liklihood of getting in and your liklihood of getting a big scholarship.

  • Mario RoboMario Robo Alum Member
    266 karma

    Thanks all. I'm not planning on retaking cuz for November it's too late to sign up and January one is already very late, especially cuz I was leaning to go to other schools where I can get scholarship money. I'm looking to stay in NY and the ones under Columbia and NYU I believe I can get scholarships too which is why I wasn't planning on retaking.

    @SuperMario929 I DM'd you

  • LouislepauvreLouislepauvre Alum Member
    750 karma

    Sounds like you’re looking at Fordham, Cardozo et al. I applied to NYU with a 169/2.9. Totally expecting to get rejected, but I figured they needed my $135 haha

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