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October Test: Last minute RC advice

ynattirb95ynattirb95 Alum Member
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Hey Sagers. So I am a week away from test day and I've been performing consistently well on LR and LG (consistently getting less than -5 on these sections). The one thing that is still KILLING me and when I say killing me, I mean i'm averaging roughly -7 to -10 on this section is RC. I don't expect to see this go down exceptionally within a weeks time but I was wondering if anyone had any RC advice/tips that helped them especially? I would like to go intot this exam as confident as possible, so even seeing the slightest bit of progress would definitely be a boost. Thanks all in advance and best of luck to everyone!!


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    Where do you think your problem lies? Timing? Comprehension? What do your annotations look like? I'm very jealous of your LG score by the way. Great job!

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