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Random question: Are the info on reading comp passages true?

bananabobananabo Monthly Member
in Off-topic 1184 karma

So I was just looking up reading comp strategies online and I came across this guy that said reading comp was his favorite section because it’s an opportunity for him to learn new things, since the passages are adapted from real articles and I thought that was a really interesting way to view the reading comp section.

The nerd in me loves learning new things and I’m constantly researching and looking up random things to learn about and I think I’m going start approaching the reading comp section in that way because it’ll help me become more engaged with the material (which will help me with the memory method taught here on 7sage).

I’m just really curious if what he said was true: does anybody know if the reading comp passages are actually based on real-life articles and true facts?


  • ChardiggityChardiggity Alum Member
    336 karma

    Yup. On the RC section of the CC, 7sage sometimes even includes links to supplemental videos so you can learn more about what's presented in the passage. I look up stuff I've been introduced to in RC passages on the regular - artists, ancient cultures, etc.

  • bananabobananabo Monthly Member
    1184 karma

    @Chardiggity oooo interesting, thanks!(:

  • BlindReviewerBlindReviewer Alum Member
    855 karma

    I think a lot of it is true and verifiable, but I also recall seeing a reddit post by Graeme Blake (the LSATHacks guy) who made a post about how not everything was true. I tried looking for it but couldn't find it, but I remember it was interesting! It was something about the dowsing article and how parts of it were just made up?

  • Lucas CarterLucas Carter Alum Member
    2798 karma

    They mostly come from journal articles and other real sources. Each PT has an acknowledgements section which cites their source.

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