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Those Scoring -0 LG: Do you Check All AC's?

umich101umich101 Alum Member
in General 364 karma

If you come across a MBT, for example, or if you have game boards that are completely filled in, do you automatically move on once you see your answer, or do you still check each AC to be sure?

I have a few times thought I made all the possible GBs, picked the first answer, then saw if I had kept going through the AC's that I would've noticed two possible correct choices, and realized an error.

If we are going for -0, should we trust the game boards and go on for speed, and hope an error hasn't been made, or do you still spend time checking each one?

Thanks so much!!


  • Little GrasshopperLittle Grasshopper Alum Member
    edited November 2019 218 karma

    I do go for 0 on the LG. I do my hypos according to the rules, and I started with the constrained/conditional questions first. I work on the questions that are global next and save the substitution questions for last. This what locks up the game for me. It saves me time. I don't go through every answer choice once I look at my game board and see what matches. I will look to find which answer choice matches my hypos off my game board. I move on afterwards. Also, I was very organized from the start.

    On sequencing game for me, it goes so fast after I verify my hypos off the game board.

    The fastest I have recorded it was less than 3 minutes and was on straight sequencing game. I never had a logic game go over 5 minutes. With the extra time, I would go back after finishing the games and verify all the work is correct. The key is to save time and not go warp speed. Being organized is critical and learning save time by not rushing.

  • bigjoecbigjoec Alum Member
    56 karma

    Come on. Never?

  • lsatgodjklsatgodjk Alum Member
    938 karma

    I score from -1 to -4 depending if there's a MISC game or not.

    But to address your question, I think it's really important to check all the A/C'cs, if it wouldn't eat up more than 30 seconds or so. Some A/C's can be knocked out super quick, and in that case, I would check A/C's.

    The reason is because you don't want to give up a point just because you're lazy. Consider this:

    Speed on LG comes from knowing how to attack most games and doing it the most efficient way, so that you have the time to check each A/C. If you know how to do each type of game fast and the right way, you should have more than enough time to consider all the A/C's (on most questions)

    Learn how to master game boards, game types; learn how to attack each question type the RIGHT way, and you'll find that you will have the luxury to check the A/C for most question types.

  • Harvey DentHarvey Dent Alum Member
    81 karma

    @"Atticus Kingsfield" How much time does PT 31 game 2 (used and new CD game) take you?

  • DivineRazeDivineRaze Alum Member
    edited November 2019 550 karma

    @umich101 I score -0 on LG and I almost never check my answers. I'm very confident on all LG picks. Most of the time I can find the answer just by looking at the answer choices. For me, this came from doing all the LG's available to us. MBT questions you only have one thats a solid pick. If you have all your gameboard solutions down then you can easily tell what the answer is.

  • Little GrasshopperLittle Grasshopper Alum Member
    edited November 2019 218 karma

    @"Harvey Dent" For PT 31 game 2, the cd game is my favorite game of all time. I remember new jazz, used jazz, used soul,new soul,used pop, new pop, new rap, used rap, new opera and used opera. I can do it less than in about 4 minutes with the hypos drawn out. I can see it how looks in head and able to put on the paper quickly. I don't answer the general questions first and prefer to save them after the local questions are done. I practice a lot and it is like breathing for me. I do what works for me and works well for me.

  • Harvey DentHarvey Dent Alum Member
    edited November 2019 81 karma

    @"Atticus Kingsfield" thats pretty damn impressive

  • cooljon525-1-1cooljon525-1-1 Alum Member
    917 karma

    Only for the substitution question, I checked each AC

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