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LG Strategy for November!

berathocamberathocam Alum Member

Hi. Ignore the crappy title.

I am one of the lucky people who wrote the September 2019 test and I just can't forget the LG. If, I hope not, but if history repeats itself and a similar LG section comes up in November test, what will you do different to not fu.k up this time? Even if you did not write the September test, what would your strategy be to handle an unusually difficult LG section? Besides crying of course.

Thank you.

And good luck to my November people. I wish the best for you.


  • SharpieHighlighterSharpieHighlighter Alum Member
    132 karma

    If I am faced with an LG I just cannot work out, I plan to take a few deep breaths, take educated guesses (or even wild guesses if it comes to it) and move on with the test. If my score is not adequate due to failing the LG section I will retake.

  • Lolo1996Lolo1996 Member
    498 karma

    I faced this with PT 41 I believe? Or 40, or 42. A super weird circular game. I have not taken 88. Also, PT 18 had a circular game I was not OK with. I most recently faced the third game of PT 77, which was the most lost I have ever felt.

    I just skip the games I cannot understand, I can also predict when its coming: if the first game is usually very easy, then I know I am getting prepared to take a really hard game (the first two games in 77 were a complete joke — then I realized, there is something weird coming my way)

    Do not lose your cool

    Skip the game you do not understand

    Make sure you read the rules properly

    Put more time into getting the easy games 100%

    Do not rush, focus on getting the questions you know you can get (ex: acceptable situation) for the hard games

    Trust your guts, and don't change your response (I have cost myself like 10+ points, from all 4 sections combined, from not trusting my guts, then i noticed it during my BRs)

    Always look back to the acceptable situation if you are stuck

    And then remember: if you do not know what’s going on, chances are, neither does anyone else. Seriously.

  • Granger DangerGranger Danger Alum Member
    717 karma

    Hey, @berathocam, I took the September and remember panicking so hard on the circle game and the puppy game and the flower game. I had just gotten 7sage and probably shouldn't have taken the test in all actuality. I'm delaying a cycle and withdrawing from November.

    However, if I was still taking November, I was going to hit as many miscellaneous games as possible, as many circle games as possible, and as many grouping sequencing games as I could. Also, if you have access to PT88, I would do it, BR, and then go listen to JY's BR calls about the LG in PT 88. Godspeed.

  • berathocamberathocam Alum Member
    164 karma

    @SharpieHighlighter thank you for your response and time. staying calm... it's much easier said than done isn't it. At least for me. I have tried multiple exercises and meditations but meditation it's just not for me I am not that kind of a person I think. it's so hard for me to meditate no matter how hard I push myself. anyway, I'll take a deep breath and pray for the best I guess. I am happy that you have the luxury to take the test again. For some of us, that train has left the station :(

    @Lolo1996 thank you very much for your response. I also just did PT 77 and also had a very hard time with Game 3. And that's exactly my problem. these misc. games they don't have repetition and require creativity. I hate that. Skipping games... I am a big big fan of skipping questions. In LR is so natural for me. If a question is hard and I can't get it in the first time I just skip. I don't hesitate. But skipping an entire game... I just can't convince myself that the second time I come it will be any easier. And I can't afford going -5 or -6 in LG. or so I think. Perhaps I can...

    "And then remember: if you do not know what’s going on, chances are, neither does anyone else. Seriously." You are right. Thank you for your kind words... I appreciate it.

    @"espresso patronum" I know right? I have fool-proofed PT 88 and I am doing the BR for every test from starting from PT 80 but... I don't know. I love patterns. I love repetition. I love when I have a formula that I can apply to a problem. I hate these misc. games. From game to game, I can't see the pattern in them. That's what gives me trouble. But you're absolutely right. These misc. games I have to fool-proof and I will listen to J.Y.'s BR for PT 88. Thank you so much and I hope the best for your future tests.

  • 13rb813rb8 Alum Member
    27 karma

    based on the unpredictable pattern of seeing miscellaneous logic games in past tests, is it really likely that we'll see it pop up in the november test?

  • Ms NikkiMs Nikki Alum Member
    128 karma

    Pay really good attention to the set up of the game before you move on to the rules. Think of what it means before you make a board, and read the rules once before writing anything down. Then as you go thru your boards try to think of all the inferences you can push out and make them on your board, splitting if possible.

    Jy always does the acceptable situation q while reading the rules. I like to do it right after i understand all the rules and try to eliminate with that understanding. (But obviously go with what works and saves time). It helps because I can apply two rules at once or whatever inferences and when I elim more than one answer based on one rule I think I might understand the rule wrong. It also ensures I am comfortable with all the rules in tandem.

    Skip the bare CBT and MBTs that require game boards and do the additional premise questions first. I usually read the question and see if I can eliminate any ACs or if my inference gives me an answer, but I do not make any extra game boards until I do add'l premise Qs first. It gives you more game boards and help solify understanding.

    In circular games I never draw the board in a circle. Instead, I draw a linear board with an arrow connecting the first and last thing so I know to think of them as next to eachother. The only exception might be the picnic table game where people were sitting "across" from eachother (very hard misc game but with fool proofing and the other tactics becomes easier).

    It is just as imprtant to know what can go somewhere as what can't. If you are in a limited game board, say 5 or 6 items, and 2 cannot go next to something (for example, G and F cannot be next to A), I might add in the margins A with the things that can go next to it. Then questions that ask "if F is between D and C, what must be next to A" I will look at that extra inference I drew and see what is left. A good example is that 8 person circular game with couples who cant sit next to eachother because it added more premsies that made it so only a limited number of people could sit next to G and R.

    Skip the hardest game if you are stuck. Do the easier questions you can get and come back later. A fresh look can help immensely. If you have no idea how the board looks, just keep reading the stim and look at the acceptable situation qs. Look for works that suggest an order (numbered, one after another, in order) a proportion (exactly 4 out of 7) and if something can repeat (each thing exactly once, or if there is 7 spots and 5 pieces).

    In prep, BR all the games and use fool proof for all games you dont get -0 within the expected time. Watch the video explanations but do not be afraid to try making your boards look different than JYs if you still get the Qs and inferences. Everyone's brains interpret info differently.

    Dont just work on difficult games. You should be doing easier to medium games in your prep and BR because getting those done faster gives you much more time to tackle the harder ones. A simple sequencing game in 4 minutes versus 6 gives you 2 extra valuable minutes in the harder game. That is huge, not only for timing but confidence. When 5 mins is called, if you have 5 qs left you will start to panic. If you have 2-3 with lots of game boards made, you can take a deep breath and power thru.

  • berathocamberathocam Alum Member
    edited November 2019 164 karma

    @13rb8 at this point I wouldn't really be surprised if we get a misc. game in november, again. but I was recently watching one of J.Y's explanation videos for one of the games and he said if you get a game which is odd and unusual try to draw the game board as familiar to you as possible in this way you wouldn't add up complications to the game. it does make sense. perhaps this would help.

    @"Ms Nikki" nikki thank you for your response. you reminded me of some good logic games habits that I may have forgotten. I heard the same thing about circular games in the explanation video for PT88 and I am definitely using it. I also noticed that since I cannot circle the first letter of names of the variables in a logic game after the test went digital I am double checking every rule to not make mistakes.maybe this causes me an extra minute or two in the easier games. I will pay attention to this in the next PT. thank you again for your time and good luck in your studies.

  • 242 karma

    i thought they got rid of the misc games!!! WTF

  • berathocamberathocam Alum Member
    164 karma

    @"meaghan.fiske" they did make a comeback around the 70s. PT75, 77, 79, 80, 86, 88... they all have em unfortunately. even though they are rare, I would say do not completely ignore them.

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