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Testing Next Week, Digital LSAT Questions

lsatafableelsatafablee Member
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Hi Everyone!

I have a couple of questions about the digital LSAT.

I know there are a few differences between 7Sage's platform and the actual test, but I looked at the digital tester provided by LSAC and noticed that you can select your section and the number of questions per section appear at the bottom. I am doubtful that this will be the format for the actual test (seems too good to be true), but does anyone have any insight about this?

Also, how much time is there between sections (not including the break, of course)? I am thinking it's somewhere between 5-10 seconds?

Lastly, is anyone aware of any restrictions pertaining to medications that can be brought into the testing room?

Thanks in advance!!


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    You can't select your selection, you have to do it in order. And I would say there's something like 30 seconds to a minute and half between sections.
    I'm pretty sure you can bring in medications as long as it fits into the plastic bag.

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