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⚖ Official October 2019 LSAT Discussion Thread ⚖



  • Anonymouse-1Anonymouse-1 Alum Member
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    Does anyone score release date still say "TBD" on LSAC website?

  • MJGspiceMJGspice Alum Member
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  • Woodsy_567Woodsy_567 Member
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    Scores are out

  • PianobarPianobar Free Trial Member
    24 karma

    Scores are out!!!!

  • carbonelcarbonel Member
    9 karma

    @rogantrevor said:
    Anyone know of any logic games that have been administered that are similar to the shelves game? I've never seen anything like that and I could not figure it out during the test...not sure how to prepare for something I've never encountered.

    Hey, have you gotten an answer on this? I was totally thrown for a loop with the last 2 LGs

  • Tynemouth47Tynemouth47 Alum Member
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    We started 2 hours late. It would have been helpful if one of the proctors had come out and given us an update and/or some idea of a start time. There was no communication.

    Angle of the screen was not ideal due to glare. Annoying but not terrible.

    Stylus highlighting was a little challenging, but I have the same issue when practicing at home so it didn’t throw me too much.

    7Sage digital format is great preparation for actual test.

  • rogantrevorrogantrevor Free Trial Member
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    @carbonel unfortunately, I haven't. best bet I suppose is seeing what November's games are like

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