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Why X Law School essays

galaxygalgalaxygal Alum Member

For anybody writing a "Why X Law School" essay, is it necessary to state the exact type of law we plan on practicing? I'm going back and forth between two types of law that I'm interested in, and the school I'm writing the essay for has a great program for both fields of law.

However, I'm weary of sounding indecisive by mentioning both types of law. Is anybody in the same boat?


  • Mario RoboMario Robo Alum Member
    266 karma

    I don't think its a problem to be indecisive about two kinds. Most people go in with no idea of what kind of law they want to do. Wavering between two kinds of law-if you have a solid reason for doing either is not a problem. Admission knows this and I think that you can write about those programs that interest you.

  • Woodsy_567Woodsy_567 Member
    257 karma

    I don't think it's necessary to know what kind of law you want to practice. In fact, I've heard admissions officers say that it can actually hurt your application if you claim to be passionate about something but lack relavant experience to support your claim.

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