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what does the answer sheet look like ?


  • LouisLittLouisLitt Member
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    When it was a paper exam, they used the answer sheet in option
    1. But as you probably already know, everything is done on the tablet now. Completely different set up.

  • lsatsuperstarlsatsuperstar Alum Member
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    1. Can you go back and forth within a section and flag stuff ?
    2. What is highlighting do ?
    3. How big is the desk ?
    4. Do you still get scrap paper ?
  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
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    On the link you provided, click on "Take a Digital LSAT Practice Test Now" and you can try it out so you see what it's like.

    1. Yes and yes
    2. You can highlights words in the stimulus. It's just for your own reference, as if you were highlighting the exam in paper. In other words it's just for you: highlighting doesn't affect your score.
    3. Depends on the test center. I don't think that's standardized. But, both times I took the LSAT, I had a lot of space, and a table to myself.
    4. Yes, you get scrap paper.
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