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Perfecting Logic Games

J.DizzleJ.Dizzle Member


Understanding we all have different time constraints, etc. - How long did it take you to perfect Logic Games (-1, - 0)? Any additional tips going through Logic Games?

Looking forward to hearing any input!


  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Monthly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
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    LG was the last thing to come together for me, about a year and a half after I first started studying. Had I done it right the first time through, it could’ve been much quicker. I always seem to have to make all possible mistakes before figuring out how to go about things though, so I guess that’s just the path I was always on.

    In addition to strict FPing, what eventually got me over the top was developing procedure. My Games were procedurally sloppy and I was always stumbling over my own feet. My work was rarely wrong, but it was always disorganized and sloppily produced. In developing procedure, I learned how to put one foot in front of the other.

    Most importantly, this led me to learn how to break large, complex tasks down into small, simple ones. Even the most complex games are constructed from very simple building blocks. Many games are still too complicated for me to wrap my head around, but the fundamental pieces they’re built from are always quite simple. By reducing complex games into a series of simple tasks to be completed in predetermined sequence, complex games are fundamentally transformed into simple ones. Learning how to do that is how I developed my success and consistency.

  • J.DizzleJ.Dizzle Member
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    Thank you for this feedback @"Cant Get Right"!!

  • EagerestBeaverEagerestBeaver Alum Member
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    Took me about eight months with LG. I just chugged along doing all the games from PT40 and below. I followed the advice to re-do the game five times or more if there were any mistakes and did this with the timed PTs I did as well above PT40. I was fortunate that enough focused repetition did it for me. I was hitting a timed -1/-0 at six months and really getting automatic by about eight months.

    For me it was memorizing the variations (similar to the simple series of rules mentioned in the post above). Eventually, if you stick to that routinized technique also mentioned above, you will hopefully be able to just walk straight through each game.

  • hanin.aahhanin.aah Free Trial Member
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    LG took me a month of just doing LG.
    1) I used the power score bible and LGTT book (LGTT was a god send). I followed the power score self study (which is free).
    2)Every time I got a question wrong I would copy/scan/print the game and do it over and over again.
    3)Then I would look at 7Sage to see how long it should take me and I would set a timer for that time and see how I do.
    4) I kept a stack of my non-perfect games and I would circle back and see if I can do better at it

    Hope that helps, sorry if it didn't make sense

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