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LOR and CAS Question

caw8tzzzcaw8tzzz Alum Member

I am planning to take the LSAT this summer, but I want to go ahead and add a Letter of Recommendation to my LSAC account. Do I need to buy CAS on my LSAC account BEFORE I attempt to start the LOR process with a recommender? Or can I go ahead and do it through the LSAC account even though I haven't bought CAS yet?


  • balandavis10balandavis10 Alum Member
    6 karma

    I was able to send the link to my recommender and he was able to submit it BEFORE I purchased the CAS. I think ultimately LSAC will just not share the information with schools until you pay for the service.

  • caw8tzzzcaw8tzzz Alum Member
    135 karma

    Thank you! @balandavis10

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