Digital LSAT - Tips For Prep/Practice?

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Hey guys :)

I am getting closer and closer to being ready to start taking practice tests, and I would love your input on how best to practice for the Digital LSAT.

I have been reading this Reddit thread which has given me a lot of great info on what test day is like, but I don't know where to start in terms of practice!!

Some guiding questions:
Do you take practice tests on your computer? iPad? Do you use a stylus? Do you purposefully take the tests in areas that will have a glare?

Thank you so much!


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    The actual tests are done on a surface type laptop so if you are looking at ideal conditions that would be part of it. I practiced on an IPAD pro and the differences were minimal (although I found the highlighting feature to be a bit a hit or miss on test day so I did not rely on it too much during the exam itself)

    I just did the Jan LSAT and to stimulate test conditions I suggest the following.

    Making a note book of "scrap paper" and allow yourself only 8 pieces of paper for the entire section. Put it in a notebook as this how your scrap paper will come in during the exam. You will need to learn how quickly navigate between pages if you go over one for a logic game.

    Practice doing a 5 section PT to work on your brain stamina.

    Now you only want to do maybe 3-4 of these "simulated PT's" . Depending on your current comfort with doing 5 sections in quick succession.

    Find the best arrangement (viewing angle and placement of tablet vs scrap paper) that works best for you. I work best with the tablet on my left and scrap paper immediately in front of me. your setup will be unique to your own situation.

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    Super helpful tips...thank you so much!!

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