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Can anyone explain this question for me? #help

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    Let's break down the stimulus.

    The most successful economies have been, and will continue to be, those that train as many people as possible in the human skills require to research, to develop, and to apply new technology.

    Japan is a model for this sort of training.

    Europe as a whole is in a weaker position: there is a shortage of skilled labor trained to use the new technologies, and there are not enough scientists able to develop and apply the technology.

    However, even in Japan, there is a shortage of technically qualified people, and like most European countries, Japan has far too many workers qualified to perform only menial tasks.

    What can be properly inferred?

    Honestly, this required for me process of elimination.

    (A) this is totally out of scope. We know nothing about the breakdown of skilled labor.
    (B) we have no idea. We only know Japan is a "model" for this training.
    (C) We have no idea whether the base of highly skilled labor in Japan is "uncommonly" narrow. That's too strong.
    (D) Ehhh. This makes sense, but it's not still an awesome answer. We know that Europe is currently not as economically strong as Japan, and we know its technology training effort is weaker. So it would make sense that to improve its economic success, it should improve its tech training efforts. The only thing that makes me pick this is because the other answers are just worse.
    (E) This is way too strong. We only know Europe is weaker than Japan in training for technology. No idea how they compare to most other countries.

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    According to the first sentence of the stimulus, SE (successful economy) --> train more ppl new tech.

    Answer Choice (E) mirrors that: Europe SE --> train more ppl new tech.

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