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Worried about my progress on CC

WhatslsatWhatslsat Monthly Member
in General 399 karma

Hi everyone,

I'm currently 3weeks in with only about 20% of CC complete.
I do have a part time job but I'm off Fri/Sat/Sun so I feel like I should have made more progress.. I focus on doing the problem sets (in CC) and going over them over and over again. And sometimes just few questions take a loong time until I really understand what's going on. I just got through all the MP,MSS,WK,STR problem sets and started MBT section. I still don't feel like I've mastered MP,MSS,WK,STR. I feel 90%,80%,70%,80% confident with these, respectively. My study schedule is usually couple of hours in the morning before work and couple hours in the evening after work. 3-4 hours during weekdays and 3-5 hours during weekends

I understand that everyone is running his/her own race but reading that some people finish the entire core curriculum in a month I'm a bit nervous.
At this rate I imagine I might not have enough time to do all PTs and do additional drilling and review, enough to do well on my first actual LSAT. I plan on taking LSAT in July and two between Oct and Jan of 2021.

Any thoughts/suggestions/feedback is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

For those who are taking LSAT soon, best of luck!


  • dcstyles51dcstyles51 Alum Member
    320 karma

    Hello, I hope you are doing well! I think that you can get a decent amount of studying done between now and July for your first practice test. Like you said, everyone is running their own race. It isn't about finishing the core curriculum as fast as you can, its about understanding it and internalizing it while drilling to create good habits. As for doing all the PTs before the July test, I would say that isn't possible. As of now, there is 89 preptests you can do. There is 169 days before the July test. That shakes out to a preptest every other day to do all of them in that span of time. Obviously, even if you could do this you shouldn't. You need time for blind reviewing and learning, not just for taking the test. I would say that you should just practice as much as you can, fit in a reasonable amount of preptests, and just focus on practice and studying from the core curriculum.

  • WhatslsatWhatslsat Monthly Member
    399 karma

    This was extremely helpful. I didn't even realize how many PTs there are VS the days left until the first exam. I'll take your advice your heart and will be more patient from this point on. Thank you very much.

  • jessedamos-1jessedamos-1 Alum Member
    26 karma

    lol i plan on taking the August test, and am currently only 10% done with cc, so i think you're good. I just started stuyding about 2/3 weeks ago too

  • WhatslsatWhatslsat Monthly Member
    399 karma

    hahaha I hope we both do well. Good luck in August!

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