2020 LSATs - Digitial Practice Tests

axbSunDevaxbSunDev Alum Member
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Hi 7Sagers! Moving into 2020, all the LSATs now will be digital correct? Therefore, should all the PTs we take be digital so on a tablet or computer? I am getting ready to start my practice test portion of my studying regime and want to get consistency on point.



  • mrowley91mrowley91 Alum Member
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    Hello! My personal opinion is that you should use the digital one. There are small nuances in notating on paper that won't translate to the digital (especially in the reading comp section). Also, I think the digital test takes some getting used to. It looks a lot different than the written one since each question is on a separate screen. I still use printed versions of the practice question sets, but always use the digital PTs.

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