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Reading Comp

Daniel825Daniel825 Alum Member
edited February 2020 in Reading Comprehension 42 karma

Hi everyone,
I've been following 7sage for a while now. I have been studying for the LSAT since June and I am scoring at about 160. I really need to get my reading comp score up! I am taking the February LSAT next week and I've tried many approaches. If anyone has anything (especially if it works quickly) I'd love to hear it.
Thank you!


  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    3190 karma

    What happens if you just force yourself to read faster? id give that shot. For me at least, it actually improves my retention and concentration for some reason

  • Michael.CincoMichael.Cinco Member Sage
    edited February 2020 2111 karma

    It may be too late for Feb but here are a couple of ideas.

    1. Read the LSAT trainer. This helped me tremendously on my path to conquering RC. I did not really jive with the 7sage's methods for RC but the trainer spoke to me.

    2. Do some RC passages then watch JY's video explanations. Note closely what JY pays attention to in the passages and how he goes about reading it. JY is a very active reader, mimicking his style is beneficial.

  • EddieMEddieM Alum Member
    279 karma

    I also found the LSAT Trainer to be really helpful for RC!

  • FindingSageFindingSage Alum Member
    2042 karma

    Reading Comp has been the thorn in my side, I was seriously scoring worse in that one section than in LR ( both sections) and games combined. I felt like I was trying a lot of different things and wasn't getting any better. I just felt like I was bad at reading comp. But when I looked at analytics what I was discovered was that I was highly accurate in certian kinds of questions but for the most part was getting the same kind of questions wrong over and over. Based on that specific information I put together I changed my entire approach and it really seems to have made a dramatic improvement! If you want to look at your prep test anaylitcs and let me know the types of questions you are both doing really well in as well as poorly I would be happy to try to help you.

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