How grouping games saved my marriage (not really - but it's a funny story)

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So the title's a bit of an exaggeration, but in a funny ironic way learning logic games actually did serve to better my marriage and family life. I'm a non-traditional student with a 1 year old, a pregnant wife with another on the way in May (yay us!) and I'm trying to balance full-time work + 20 hours of studying a week + "us time" + her time + me time + family time. Whew!!! What the heck have I gotten myself into...

My spouse and I are trying to figure out how to fit all these needs into certain time slots and I think wait: we have 5 things we need to fit into 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday? SOUNDS LIKE A GROUPING GAME!!!! She shakes her head and laughs at the nerdiness. But alas!! We write out the 8 hour time slots we have Saturday and Sunday to fit in time for her, time for me, time for us, time for family and time for studying (5 game pieces) into 8 hours over 2 days. She gets 2 hours (block of 2), I get 1 floating hour (floater), and "us time" has to be either Saturday evening or Sunday morning (but not both). Family time is a floating 2 hour block and if I study Saturday, I don't study Sunday (what's the contrapositive? Sunday -> /Sat). And it worked!!!! Tah-dah, we fit everyone's needs into a small time-frame and we can make adjustments easily due to the gameboard we made. Nerdiness for the win.

So this is pretty funny in that I'm applying what I've learned from Logic Games to real life, but I've actually learned a lot from studying for this test. I'm really thankful for what I've learned on this journey and I'm thankful I've gotten to learn from y'all on the forums and in person!!!!!!!

Best of luck to all of us.



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