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ISO Canadian Law School Opinions

Hello all!!

After receiving a 169 on the January LSAT (thank you 7sage!) I am now in the position where I may need to decide between the 5 law schools I applied to in Ontario (U of T, Osgoode, Queen's, Western and U of Ottawa). I am wondering if any fellow Canadian 7sagers have come across any good resources for comparing the programs at these schools.

My interest lies more in the realm of public interest law and I am worried about ending up at a school that focuses too much on corporate law (I have heard this is the case with Western and U of T). I am also worried about writing these options off before really understanding the programs.

Posting on the off chance any fellow Canadians have heard first hand or have experienced themselves the realities of a law degree at any of these institutions.

Thank you!!


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    Would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this....

    York is good though for public law so I have heard

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    Congrats on the LSAT score! is a good resource. It's an active forum filled with current students and lawyers from all canadian schools.

    Though generally the advice they give is that all schools in Canada are generally equivalent and they tell you to go to the school that offers the cheapest tuition in the geographical location you wish to practice in. There is no school that will really disqualify you from opportunities assuming your grades are good enough, it's not like the states where biglaw becomes a bleaker prospect the further you fall away from t14. So really you can't go too wrong but you are right, some schools like Western and UofT have a reputation for being corporate focused.

    One thing I would consider is the strength of the student body. I've applied to UofT, not because of the prestige but because I know that the most ambitious students tend to apply there and I want to surround myself with the best and the brightest. My own view is that most schools will give you a certain base level of education and that it is incumbent upon you and not necessarily the school to truly educate yourself. If public interest is a goal I would look at the student clubs in the schools that focus on that. I would look at possible externships the schools offer in that area and finally any legal clinics the schools run that can get you exposure to that particular area of law. I know uoft has an extensive clinic for example in downtown Toronto but entrance is based on a lottery and not merit, that is a turnoff for alot of stronger students which based on your LSAT score I can assume you will be counted as a member of that group.

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    Thank you - this is helpful!!

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