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Why Are Forums Outside of 7Sage so Toxic?

LSAT160LSAT160 Free Trial Member
in Off-topic 45 karma

Reddit,, top-law-schools, etc have generally negative advice and comments for people seeking help. Such as "you can never improve from a 130, might as well just quit".

Glad to have found 7Sage the best forum and community of all!

Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this?


  • Regis_Phalange63Regis_Phalange63 Alum Member
    1058 karma

    Those folks need to unwind by listening to Britney's Toxic and just chill. I feel like some realistic, seemingly "negative" advice can be warranted at times like people asking to improve from 140s to 170s in two months etc. But asking others to quit bc of where they stand currently is just wrong. I too am glad that I've found this community!

  • Michael.CincoMichael.Cinco Member Sage
    2111 karma

    I think it's because we are still primarily students and folks who have yet to actually go to lawschool and become practicing lawyers. There seems to be alot of disillusionment in the field of law which is probably reflective in the negativity you see in those forums.

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