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LR Organizing the stimulus in your head

jjoushlynjjoushlyn Alum Member

Hello 7Sagers,

I was wondering if anyone could help me clear up some fogginess im experiencing while drilling LR?

So i am aware i must understand what the stimulus is saying as well as be able to identify the conclusion and premises. However, im having the hardest time retaining the information when i get to the answer choices. I know what the stimulus is saying most of the time and i go to the answer choices with confidence. However, i notice i am begining to get problems wrong that have more condeluded stimuli.
How do i keep the conclusion and premises in my head clear while trying out different answer choices? I feel i get what the premises and conclusion is for the stimulus but when i try to recall it i have to say it a couple of times to remember it so i wont forget when moving to the answer choices.
What do you all do?


  • TheresaAnnTheresaAnn Member
    109 karma

    You're on the right path! I would say most people start out with some amount of "fogginess" when starting out with LR. Drilling and becoming comfortable with LR sections is key so keep working. Something I have found helpful to keep my mind on track is going through the question stem quizzes. Go through them until you are able to attribute the correct type of question to each and give yourself a little run through in your head of what you need to look for before you start reading the stimulus. Ex: if it is a weakening question, focus on finding the premises and conclusion and understanding what point they are trying to make based on the given premises. If its a MSS questions realize beforehand there may not be an argument and just some information you need to become familiar with. Keep drilling and familiarizing yourself with the task at hand for each question type. If you are reading too quickly and it is leading to you not retaining the information, slow it down, it will speed up naturally as you continue to drill.

  • Michael.CincoMichael.Cinco Member Sage
    2111 karma

    I would make sure to engage with the argument more. Think about it, what is it really saying? What's wrong with it? Do you agree with it? I feel the more engaged I am with the stimulus the better I retain it.

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