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Road to 170+: Blind Review Bootcamp (Free tutoring session PT 65 Section 1 March 7th 3pm Eastern)

Michael.CincoMichael.Cinco Member Sage
edited February 2020 in General 2111 karma

Hi Folks:

Some of you may not know how to properly blind review. What better way to learn than from a seasoned LSAT Sage?
Or perhaps you just want a different perspective on how to tackle LR questions, or want some constructive feedback on your LR process. Whatever the case may be, please feel free to join me as we blind review PT 65 LR Section 1 next Saturday

Saturday March 7th 3PM-5PM Eastern I will be hosting a blind review session for PT 65 LR Section 1 LR

What to do to prepare:
Complete PT 65 Section 1 but DO NOT mark it. Come prepared to talk about the questions you had difficulty with and to walk through your thought process with me.

Platform: Zoom!

Link here:


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