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Down time?

shannon_beaman1shannon_beaman1 Yearly Member

Was just wondering how long the site will be experiencing technical issues so I can get back to studying. I've found that I can still watch the video lessons, but I can't do the problem sets because they won't load due to the error.


  • Alan CheukAlan Cheuk Administrator
    3025 karma

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    Hi everyone, I'm really sorry for the trouble! I know that I'd be frustrated if I was ready to get some studying in, and the site kept throwing errors.

    We figured out the problems, the fixes are live, and everything should be working normally again.

    As @christina.parchem guessed this happened because we put out a major update to the site a couple of hours ago to prepare for the upcoming changes. Unfortunately, the changeover silently corrupted one of our servers, which resulted in random "Not Found" errors. The ProblemSet and PrepTest issues were due to a different issue - a bug slipped by because of a subtle difference in our development servers and the real servers.

    Sorry again!

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