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Free tutoring opportunity!

jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
edited March 2020 in General 2891 karma

Hello everyone!

I am nearing the end of my prep, I will be taking the LSAT for the first time in April. In order to both help fine-tune some of my own test-taking strategies as well as to give back to the 7sage community that has done so much for me, I would like to offer free tutoring to a few students. It will be first-come first-served and I won't be able to take too many individuals at this point due to my schedule. However, if you are interested, please send me a DM with information regarding what times work best for you and any particular issues you are having that you would like to address.

I have been working with @Sami for awhile now and she has been tremendously helpful for my prep. I started out studying for this test a little over 2 years ago with a 147 diagnostic. I tried the powerscore bibles and got nowhere with them. After coming to 7sage and going through the CC with a fine-tooth comb, I began to average in the mid/upper 160s. However, at this point I hit a wall. I spent months taking PTs and dutifully blind reviewing them but getting nowhere. It was at that point that I started working with Sami consistently on timing and she straightened me out. It took months of working on timing strategies, but I finally began to break 170 consistently.

At this point, I'm averaging scores in the lower 170s with a typical break down of -5/6 between the two LR sections, -3 in RC, and -0/-1 in LG. I am trying to really get my timing even better and begin to more comfortably average in the mid-upper 170s. In general, I am looking for students who are scoring in the mid/upper 160s and are trying to work on their timing strategies in order to break the dreaded 170 barrier. Im happy to help with work on any section. I look forward to working with you!



  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
    2891 karma

    Thank you to everyone who has responded so far! At this point I probably have as many individuals interested as I can responsibly handle, but I will update this if I think I could take on a couple more students! :)

  • SamiSami Live Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    10774 karma

    I am so excited about this! This is going to be beneficial to everybody involved :) @jmarmaduke96 you are phenomenal and you will be a great tutor!!

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