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June/July LSAT Study Group



  • Weihao ZhangWeihao Zhang Alum Member
    14 karma

  • JHolmes1880JHolmes1880 Core Member
    25 karma

    Hello, I would love to join! My email is abounadernotguilty@gmail

  • Gatsby96Gatsby96 Member
    102 karma

  • ___AZ______AZ___ Member
    87 karma

    Hi, thank you for putting this together. Please add me

  • keepgoing.keepgoing. Member
    365 karma

  • karlovichcakarlovichca Alum Member
    22 karma

    Count me in!

  • shghoshshghosh Core Member
    4 karma

    Please add me too!

  • smedlersmedler Free Trial Member
    2 karma

    add me

  • msudul20msudul20 Core Member
    16 karma

    Please add me

  • Anthony92Anthony92 Core Member
    54 karma

    Hi! Please add me.

    Much love, thanks.

  • Nikkiiiii-1Nikkiiiii-1 Core Member
    13 karma

    Hey, my name is Jonathan and I'd love to join!

  • JurisDocDebsJurisDocDebs Member
    28 karma

    Please add me :smile:

  • HornetsSFHornetsSF Core Member
    16 karma

    Please add me @

  • 4 karma


  • Cee-MattCee-Matt Alum Member
    39 karma

    Can I be
    Is this the study group with Kim and Peter? We were in the BR last night with Michael.

  • beccakrobeccakro Member
    4 karma

    Thanks for organizing!

  • jaygaleonejaygaleone Live Member
    82 karma

    would love to join as well, thanks!

  • sunflower-1sunflower-1 Alum Member
    32 karma

    likewise, if it's not too late! thanks for organizing!

  • kellyloan123kellyloan123 Core Member
    7 karma

    me too!

  • keepgoing.keepgoing. Member
    365 karma

    studying for july!

  • brian257brian257 Member
    8 karma

    Add me too please! Studying for June.

  • jarred.williams99jarred.williams99 Alum Member
    34 karma

    I'm game!

  • sal66a97sal66a97 Core Member
    28 karma

    Hello, please add me too!

  • Andres BaezAndres Baez Member
    36 karma

    hey, If the group is still going on my email is

  • keepcalmandneuronkeepcalmandneuron Alum Member
    470 karma

    Can I also be added? Thanks a TON!!!

  • Mrodrigu10Mrodrigu10 Member
    7 karma

  • Janelle H.Janelle H. Free Trial Member
    16 karma

    I know I'm super late. Is this still going on? I would love to join. My email is

  • r_millzzr_millzz Alum Member
    28 karma

    Would love to be added if possible!
    Email -

  • HornetsSFHornetsSF Core Member
    16 karma

    would like to be added if possible

  • ClairelawClairelaw Alum Member
    edited May 2020 10 karma

    saw this too late! deleted comment

  • mailhargmailharg Member
    7 karma

    If it's still ok:

  • khk47khk47 Member
    17 karma

    late but would like to be added as well, if possible

  • derry.karen6derry.karen6 Core Member
    134 karma

    Hope it's not too late!

    84 karma

    Please add me if it's not too late:

  • madisonkondomadisonkondo Member
    edited May 2020 6 karma

    Please add me!

  • lisaa143lisaa143 Free Trial Member
    4 karma

    I would love to be added to the group please!

  • 30 karma

    Would love to join:

  • mariammmmariammm Member
    17 karma

    I'd like to be added too please!

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