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Logic Games Bible

michaelschaummichaelschaum Member
in Logic Games 16 karma

I see this book by powerscore recommended all over the place as an essential supplement for LG.

Does anyone have any experience using this book in addition to J.Y.’s videos on 7sage?

I picked up the book and am about 150 pages in but I feel as though much of it is stuff I already know. Is using this book redundant?


  • Fourty9ersFourty9ers Yearly Member
    27 karma

    I use it as well and normally, it is nice to have a second opinion if something doesn't click the first time.

  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
    3481 karma

    Ok I will say - the bible was terrible for me and probably made me worse at games. It was the first study tool I used at the advice of a friend who scored 179, so clearly it does work for some people!

    But to me, the books advocated a lot of things that wasted time for me and made the games more difficult. Like representing every single not law that comes out of a chain. Watching 7sage explanations has helped me improve so much more, and now I'm better able to tackle games with my own personalized strategy. Of course, it helps that I can visually see the games with 7sage versus reading the material out of a book.

  • The Great White SharkThe Great White Shark Alum Member
    edited May 2020 1058 karma

    I started studying with PowerScore's Bibles and course a year ago. My score didn't budge at all until I learned about 7Sage's LG videos that used to be on Youtube. Within a month or two of Fool Proofing I got my first -0 in a LG section.

    I noticed several issues with PowerScore:

    1. LGs- inefficient diagraming methods. JY's diagramming methods are very intuitive and also help me stay organized.

    2. All Bibles- PowerScore takes problems out of a lot of different tests including recent ones. Unfortunately, I often run into problems I have seen when working through an exams now. I really appreciate how 7Sage doesn't do this!

    Ironically two PowerScore teachers recommended 7Sage to me when I asked them how I can improve my score. That advice was the only value I got out of PowerScore. In my experience, nothing can top 7Sage.

  • mmurph95mmurph95 Alum Member
    22 karma

    I only used the Logical Reasoning Bible (and its assorted books), but my experience with that was pretty negative. There wasn't enough practice in my opinion, so I would learn concepts, but have mimimal practice to reinforce it. Plus, if your like me and constantly moving around between school and home and work etc., it becomes a pain to lug them around. If you're looking for additional support, I had a positive experience with the LSAT Trainer, but of the four prep programs I've encounted 7sage is the best.

  • PPPPremePPPPreme Member
    207 karma

    It's not bad. It can help form a solid foundation (although it sounds like this is an area that you probably _don't___ need help in). I would say if some of JY's concepts aren't clicking for you, it can always help to have a second look at it, and it can be useful for that. I don't think there's any negative habits you'd pick up from the book.

    edited May 2020 124 karma

    I've used their Logical Reasoning and Logic Games bibles and I went through both books cover to cover and I am still struggling with both LR and LG. I've made some small improvements but nothing spectacular. That's why I am going to enroll in 7Sage's course because I want to get a 170 and I can't score past a 150 on Khan academy's PT's.

  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Member Sage
    edited May 2020 2891 karma

    I completely agree with @noonawoon I think that the LG bible at best made no difference for me and arguably made me worse. Many of the things that they advocate (like writing out every single "not" rule that comes out of a chain) are painfully time consuming. For many games you could split and represent essentially all the possibilities (with a few well thought out boxes and switches) and do so in less time than it would take you to follow the powerscore method, even though the PS method gives you a lot less bang for your buck.

    Another thing that drove me crazy is the way that the book makes it seem like there are really 8 or 9 distinctly different kinds of logic games. I would spend so much time up front with a game just trying to figure out what type it was. The 7sage method is so much simpler and more straight forward. There are three types of games: sequencing, grouping, and misc. There are a few basic strategies that will help you pretty much across the spectrum (such as always representing out groups and turning negative rules into positive rules) and those will always be beneficial to you. The 7sage method doesn't require you to waste a lot of time up front working through mental gymnastics that don't really help you all that much in solving the game. But thats just my two cents. I am well aware that the book has given other people fantastic results, so it is all a matter of what works for you!

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