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#help with answer strategies/not reading all choices vs. reading all

georgiannajd2bgeorgiannajd2b Alum Member
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At what point should you feel comfortable that you have "mastered" a particular approach to a LR question type, so that you no longer need to review all the answer choices? or should you ALWAYS read all the answer choices? For Example, in MP questions, if you find the answer choice to be "C", do you continue to read thru the other answer choices, or just select it and move on? Is there a difference to your strategy if you think "A" is the right answer choice, do you read all choices in that situation? Plz share any info on answering strategies to increase speed and accuracy. Thnx!


  • jugolo96jugolo96 Alum Member
    edited May 2020 103 karma

    In my case it is more of an art than a science (cliche, I know). I have a range of approaches from a pure attack method (trying to find the answer and moving on once I find it) and a pure elimination method (going through each choice).

    As a general guideline I know that I should be more comfortable with a pure attack method in the first 10-15 questions in the section. I will say, though, that I am flexible and only go for this approach if I succesfully prephrase and find exactly that answer. When I get deeper into the section I try to be more cautious of traps and range from a quick skim of answers if I am fairly confident to a slower process of elimination for the toughest ones.

    To your question on specific types, I generally don't check all choices or do a very quick skim for MP or AP questions since at a relatively early point in your preparation you should be very good at breaking up an argument. In terms of other types, I can also be quite confident of MBT, Necessary Assumption, and easier RRE questions.

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    I would be very cautious at not reading all ACs. I doesn't work out well for me. I would have a lot of overconfidence errors if I do that a lot. For me, if the question is very cookie cutter, absolutely no trick, and the answer choice is saying exactly my prephrase and absolutely no trick, only then would I just pick that answer choice and move. Trick comes from detail. Always be super careful. Pay attention to details!

  • georgiannajd2bgeorgiannajd2b Alum Member
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    @jugolo96 and @DINOSAUR thank you both so much, you both actually answered exactly what I wanted to know. Great advice b/c I wasn't very feeling comfortable finding the answer and moving on to try to increase speed, but I will use the "exact paraphrase or read all" tip.

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