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Should I take the July LSAT or plan for August?

TLG_TexasTLG_Texas Monthly Member
in General 16 karma

Hi guys,

I'm 64% through the CC. I finished RC, I'm almost done wth LR and I'm moving into games very soon.

Considering that we're a month and a half from the July LSAT and I haven't taken any of the practice tests...(besides June 2007 - 153) would it be reasonable to take it in July if I want 165-172 and can study full-time?

ALSO, what is a good PT schedule to follow?



  • georgiannajd2bgeorgiannajd2b Alum Member
    65 karma

    I just tried to register for the July test and it said it was full, that I would have to pick another date....So unless that was for Tennessee only, you may only be able to take the August LSAT

  • linImmlaw2021linImmlaw2021 Alum Member
    86 karma

    I am asking myself the same question. I'd really like to take the LSAT-Flex, because I seem to perform better in familiar spaces. Also, the mental fatigue factor is important. I am not as far through the CC as you, but I had already been studying 2 months before I started 7Sage.

    I decided to take the July LSAT-Flex. We don't know if the August LSAT will be Flex, so this might be the last opportunity to take advantage of that. Also, we are early enough in the year to retake a the LSAT if our Flex scores are not what we want them to be. We can study for another two months after the July LSAT, take it again in September, and still be okay to apply early in the cycle. I'd say we are in a pretty good position. Best of luck!

  • Mrodrigu10Mrodrigu10 Alum Member
    7 karma

    its also full in the east coast but LSAC extended the deadline from May 28th to June 1st after it was full.

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