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Preptesting with actual testing conditions

STT_340STT_340 Member
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Hi Guys,

So you know how J.Y. and other tutors stress the importance of doing preptests in a way that mimics the test conditions for the day of the actual test. In my case, I have to travel (actually board a plane) to take the test at a testing site that I have never been to. Has anyone had to do the same? How does one prepare for that in the sense of reducing test day anxiety, etc.?


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    I thought it was bad that my testing center was an hour away!

    Since it sounds like you won’t know what to expect exactly, I would try to mimic your test day by doing unusual activities prior to a PT. Maybe try driving around a part of town you don’t frequent before you take a PT if you are able to. Then each time you take a PT take it in a different place/area (even if you have to take it at home due to social distancing).

    Everyone is different but traveling for me is exhausting. I can’t imagine having to fly before taking an exam. Is it possible for you to get to the location the day before so you can at least rest before taking the exam?

  • STT_340STT_340 Member
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    Yes I plan to arrive a day early to prepare and settle down. But the idea of doing unusual activities before Preptests makes so much sense! For a long time I was trying to do it under exactly the same conditions but now I see how counterintuitive that may be. Thank you!

  • Rowe2020Rowe2020 Member
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    Or bring as much of your own stuff to the hotel room to make it feel like the place you study.

  • Andrew_NeimanAndrew_Neiman Alum Member
    edited June 2020 258 karma

    @Rowe2020 Nailed it. Its hard to truly emulate testing conditions but one potential key factor is bringing certain elements with you. Im sort of a weird hippie and crystals and religious ornaments tend to have a great impact on settling my nerves and anxiety. I like keeping small ones in my pocket in the same way I do when I study at home. I think essential oils and other ways to activate the olfactory- neuro connection is also underrated. I like studying while being immersed under certain scents and think it could help to bring them with you to help activate some of these connections you build. ( apply essential oils to your wrist or waft from a tissue)

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