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School won't send transcript

renkobayrenkobay Core Member
edited June 2020 in Law School Admissions 26 karma

My college registars office handles transcripts and diplomas but they've been closed and unavailable for over 2 months. They said they would not take request until may 30 now its june 30. I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.

I just "graduated" in may but I am unable to get my transcripts or have them sent. I was originally planning on taking the year off to travel and teach abroad but that plan was crushed. My friend in law school suggested that since I'm taking the LSAT in june to apply for this fall since my #1 school is accepting the june LSAT and reopened admissions but I cannot get my transcript. Their new deadline is July 1.


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    Have you contacted the admissions office of the school that you're planning on applying to and explained the situation?

  • Rowe2020Rowe2020 Member
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    Like the person above me said that seems like the best route to go, but what I would do is contact anyone/everyone at my school through email until I can get a straight answer including the dean/president admin office/student affairs. Don't let this stop your dream.

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