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Ultimate+ cancelled without warning?

Veandra218Veandra218 Monthly Member
in General 28 karma

Hi 7sagers, I have been on the platform for about a year now working towards my first LSAT administration this coming Sunday. I logged on today to find that my account was put back to "free" status without warning. I had been paying the $25 a month after my initial 8month service ran out. Usually, a red banner appears indicating my account was about to be cancelled. However, I never received notification this time.

Has anyone experienced the same thing. Was this a change on 7sage's part? I am really upset and freaking out considering my LSAT is in less than a week and this has happened.


  • studentservicestudentservice Legacy Member Administrator Moderator Student Services
    1421 karma


    Hi, sorry about the scare! Your account was last extended on May 6 for 1 month. It expired on June 6.

    I just reactivated it for 3 days. You should be able to log in now and extend again.

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