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Importance of taking most recent PrepTests

beatthesystembeatthesystem Alum Member
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-Hello 7Sagers
In the past six weeks, I have finally bared down and committed to completing 5 hours of CC daily. It's safe to say I have caught the bug, insofar as I feel completely capable of nailing every LR question (LR is the only section of CC that I have completed). I have completed 2 practice tests since my diagnostic to affirm the fact that I am indeed making progress. 155 (diagnostic) --> 159 (PT36) --> 162 (PT37 today). These gains almost exclusively reflect my LR improvement. Before I take my next PT, I am looking for some advice on the order in which I should be taking them. In other words, how important is it to be taking PT's from more recent years? As an Ultimate member, I only have access to tests through the year 2014. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.



  • The Great White SharkThe Great White Shark Alum Member
    edited June 2020 1058 karma

    Hey there,

    I do think it's important to take the most recent exams as you approach your test date. That being said, when I found 7Sage, I only had about 10 of the most recent exams left. The reason for this is because I had been using PowerScore before 7Sage and they recommended taking as many tests as you can even when you haven't really learned the material. I did make good use of the recent exams I had burned through by going back to review them in depth, practice timing strategies on them and tutor with them as well. Some people say that the more recent exams are harder. I haven't noticed this. But maybe its because I didn't work through the exams from oldest to newest.

    So, if you plan on waiting to take the exam until you are scoring where you want to them work through the older ones first that way you know you will have plenty to work with as you progress. But if you want to take the LSAT soon then you should try to work through some of the newer exams. For the 6 weeks prior to the exam, I would only work on the most recent exams.

    I hope this helps!

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