June LSAT Flex - allowed materials - pens?

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Hello -

this is probably an absurdly paranoid question but - we're allowed to use pens on the LSAT flex, right??

I'm asking this because on the LSAT flex page on LSAC, there's a list of acceptable materials:
Five blank sheets of scratch paper
Valid ID
No. 2 or HB pencils
A highlighter
An eraser (no mechanical erasers or erasers with sleeves)
A pencil sharpener
Beverage in plastic container or juice box (maximum size: 20 oz/591 ml). Aluminum cans are not permitted.

It specifies pencils and highlighters... but not pens? Is that just an oversight? I've been using pens in studying and it would just be really weird if I couldn't actually use them for the test

Expanding on this, if anyone who has taken the previous lsat-flex has insight on what is ok/ not ok to have, it'd be much appreciated

Thank you!


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    I would stick to the list.

  • ana78789ana78789 Legacy Member
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    Pens are not allowed. I've read that some proctors did not say anything, but I would not risk it.

  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Alum Member
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    Maybe experiment with how sharp/dull you like your pencils.

  • kelseyperkins1192kelseyperkins1192 Monthly Member
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    I also have been using a pen for logic games. I use a pen to draw the game board and then a pencil to fill in the "new information" so I dont have to keep drawing the game board. Hoping we can! I thought I read somewhere that JY said we could use pens

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