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    There is a quote I keep taped on my wall and I think it applies a lot to the LSAT. I’m not sure who it’s from. But it’s so true!

    “Your calm mind is your ultimate weapon against the challenges you face.”

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    meanwhile I can't get past 160 and I'm freaking out! lol

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    You're going to do so well!!! I find that it is really helpful to go into the test with an understanding that you will get some questions wrong - like I literally say to myself before a test, I will get some questions wrong. It's calming for me and helps me focus. You'll do great!

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    Thank you @liz08080, @kelseyperkins1192, and @The Great White Shark! I love this community so much. It is full of exceptionally helpful and understanding people. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I am beginning to feel a little better already! I wish you all the absolute best!

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