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Broke 170 on 2nd PT!

floresjwfloresjw Member
in General 24 karma

I had a 160 diagnostic in May 2020. I finished the CC about a week ago and scored a 166 with 170 BR on PTF97 and today scored a 171 with 177 BR on PT 36. My sections scores were LG -0 CR -1 and LR -9.

I am cautiously excited about this improvement.

Does anyone have advice on improving in LR? The 171 was probably just a fluke because I got a good games and reading section.


  • alumivacuialumivacui Alum Member
    212 karma

    This seems like a question for one of the sages. . . but . . . repetition and drilling your weak spots (the question types you're getting wrong consistently or struggling with the most).

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