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    Congratulations on the amazing score!

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    Wow Congrats! That's amazing!

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    @noonawoon Congratulations and thank you for giving back with your advice!

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    Congrats, could you give more input on your study process?

    Did you spend time drilling by question types?

    How did you acclimate to performing quickly on LGs?

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    @noonawoon thanks for sharing your study schedule. So helpful to see what other people are doing after they are done with CC.

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    This schedule is very helpful! When do you review the PT? Also, do you review all questions or just the question you missed? Thank you!

    @noonawoon said:

    Hey sorry for the delayed response. I have been studying since around Sept 2019 (I had briefly "studied" by reviewing a PowerScore book and taking a diagnostic a couple of years before that but don't really count it).

    Sept 2019 - Nov 2019 = CC
    Dec 2019 - June 2020 = PT and drills

    I started drilling LG as soon as I finished CC. I would do 5, 10, 15, etc a day until I finished all of the PT 1-35 games. I would also revisit the 1-35 games for foolpoofing and revisit any game I had already taken in a PT.

    Before March/corona, I could usually only do one PT a week (Saturday) because I work full-time. After corona and being able to work from home, I was able to switch to PT on Saturday and PT on Wednesday before work because I wouldn't need time in the morning to commute or really get ready for work.

    So that schedule would look like:

    Saturday: PT 1
    Sunday: BR
    Monday: drills (either timed sections or individual games and individual passages)
    Tuesdays: drills & maybe revisit things from the Saturday PT
    Wednesday: PT 2
    Thursday: BR
    Friday: drills

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    Congrats on your score!
    Thank you for posting your schedule info: I'm excited to finish the CC (which will be a few more weeks from now ... so not there yet :wink: ), to dive into the PTs and foolproofing. I've tentatively scheduled two PTs a week (to avoid burnout) and I love your incorporation of drills / foolproofing around those two tests. Your post is both inspiring and a great reminder that the 'slow and steady' approach works wonders. Thank you for sharing!!

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    This is amazing!! You should be so proud of yourself! Congratulations! 🎉

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    와~~ 진짜 대박이시다..
    넘~ 축하 드려요~~!

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    @growth_mindset said:
    와~~ 진짜 대박이시다..
    넘~ 축하 드려요~~!

    오 한국인! 반가워요~!

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    @emmgosjk ㅋㅋㅋ 반가워요!!

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