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Looking for a study buddy/accountability partner

seriouslyseriously Alum Member
edited June 2020 in Study Groups 199 karma

Hi all!

I'm looking for someone who wants to communicate regularly about progress/questions--someone who will keep me on track and motivated. I work full time so most communication would have to happen online, but I can guarantee that I'll be a reliable partner!

For context, I've been studying for about a year. I'm planning on taking the August test.


  • stanfillsamistanfillsami Monthly Member
    9 karma

    Hi would love to help and be your accountability partner!

  • heyitsjudyheyitsjudy Alum Member
    65 karma

    Hey! I'm also looking for a study/accountability partner! I also work full time

  • njumaiannjumaian Monthly Member
    edited July 2020 10 karma

    I'm interested! I'm starting this summer and taking it next June if that's okay

  • Number oneNumber one Yearly Member
    15 karma

    Hey all! I'm in - I work full time as well and I have about 20 hours of study per week! let me know if you guys are interested :)

  • cpimtavcpimtav Monthly Member
    3 karma

    Please I NEED an accountability partner/partners. I am devoted to studying but can't seem to stay on track on my own.

  • mmagnolia20mmagnolia20 Monthly Member
    13 karma

    Hi, I am taking the August test as well and am interested in an accountability partner or group!

  • rschwartz2022rschwartz2022 Alum Member
    52 karma

    I'd be down! I'm not sure when I'm taking the test but I'm interested :)

  • jegosi215jegosi215 Alum Member
    97 karma

    Yeah sure! Send me a message

  • seriouslyseriously Alum Member
    199 karma

    I would be down to start a group! Does anyone have an idea of how to go about that?

  • BLS231196BLS231196 Alum Member
    74 karma

    Hey, I am definitely interested!

  • SaulGoodmanSaulGoodman Alum Member
    111 karma

    I'd love to join this group!

  • LegalSeahorseLegalSeahorse Alum Member
    edited July 2020 60 karma

    I am also taking the August LSAT and working full time. Let’s connect and keep each other accountable! What platform works best for you, Seriously? We could do Zoom, Facebook... Is there an option on here?

  • ritsnairritsnair Alum Member
    5 karma

    I am new to studying for the LSAT and am looking to join a group to be more accountable with my study schedule! Would love to join this one, but if I am a little too inexperienced with the test and anyone is interested in a group for new test-taker's, let me know!

  • ChampwaleChampwale Alum Member
    31 karma

    I would also love to join this group.

  • lsatprep1994lsatprep1994 Alum Member
    12 karma

    Have we found a platform to form the group everyone?

  • CRISPR24CRISPR24 Alum Member
    edited July 2020 262 karma

    I am also registered for August, would love to join!

  • jbelote81jbelote81 Monthly Member
    3 karma

    I too would love to join the group.

  • seriouslyseriously Alum Member
    199 karma

    Hey guys! I started a groupme:

  • HarveySpectraHarveySpectra Alum Member
    42 karma

    I'm new to this platform, and just recently started studying for the LSAT, although I'm not sure when I'm going to take my exam I really would love to be a part of an accountability partner/group

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