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Should I retake a 173?

annikarussell00annikarussell00 Core Member

I know this is a great score, but my average for PTs was 176 so I was hoping for one a bit higher on test day. I know I messed up the LG on the June test which is usually a perfect section for me.

I want to retake, the only thing holding me back is the idea that some of the top schools like Harvard will be irritated if you retake a score that's already at their median. I've been studying so hard for this to make up for a lack of prestige for my undergraduate college and decent, but not amazing, softs.

My gut tells me I want to retake it because I think I can do better. I've also heard that getting a higher score could get you more scholarship money to lower T14s.

What do you all think? Should I retake it?

Should I retake my 173?
  1. Should I retake my 173?69 votes
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  • alumivacuialumivacui Alum Member
    212 karma

    Trust your gut. a 173 is an amazing score. However... I think the key word here is MEDIAN. I know I'm currently studying my ass off for the same reason you did. . . but if you're looking into schools like HYS. . . then it's important to remember that alooot of people will be applying that scored better than you.

    Not to mention that the difference between a 173 and a 178 is realistically probably 1 or 3 questions. Trust yourself. But also CALLLLLLLLLLL them... it's such a valuable resource. Call and ask these types of questions to admissions!!

  • masimasi Alum Member
    170 karma

    IF the Median is 173 and you have a decent undergrad GPA (in other words not superb) go ahead and retake. The difference between 173 and 175, 176,177 and so on is small in number of questions you get right or wrong but makes a big difference when they are assessing your profile. Trust me if you know for sure you will score higher than 173, I suggest a retake. In fact I suggest you sign up for two more exams. If you satisfied with the first one than cancel the next.

  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
    3481 karma

    I wouldn't suggest retaking just on the basis of the score, but because you said you know you messed up the LG and lost the points there when you know you can get -0.

    It also depends on what else you have going on in your life. Do you work full time? Would your time be better spent on crafting and refining a personal statement?

  • sickomodesickomode Member
    142 karma

    I'm in the same position and have been considering retaking my 173 from june. For what it's worth in my situation I've decided to just be happy with it and move on, but here are some things that I considered that may help you make a decision - how much more do you want to study/how much time do you have? if you're signed up for july already and you feel like it was just a low fluke bc of LG (reasonable, since your PT avg is quite high) then I'd say go for it. on the other hand, if 173 falls reasonably within your PT range even though your avg was 176, then I'd say it's not that worthwhile to retake (since on a flex test this difference will be just a couple of questions) unless you're planning on studying more and waiting for a later test date. also probably a good idea to weigh all of this against what your gpa is, if that is also at the median for the schools you want I'd say that retaking is even more worth it

  • tmizzledtmizzled Core Member
    45 karma

    If money is not an issue, definitely try again. Like someone else said, 173 is a great score (congrats btw, just got a 169 on the most recent wish I got ur score lol), but its always better for you to be way above the median so theres almost no excuse for them rejecting you.

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