August LSAT - Help!!

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Hi Guys,

I am currently at the exact 50% mark of the core curriculum, which is right in the middle of the NA problem sets, and I have a test date booked for August. I am wondering if it is most beneficial to finish the core curriculum before starting PTs (I have only done one full test, the diagnostic, thus far). Thanks for your opinion!


  • The Great White SharkThe Great White Shark Alum Member
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    Hey there! So this really depends on what your score goal is and how far away you are from it. What where your section break downs? Are you determined to take in August? If so, then I would suggest taking some PTs to gauge what section or area you need to focus on improving instead of going through the CC in a linear fashion. Obviously, it would be best to complete all of the CC but August really isn't far away.

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